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We love vintage knitwear but sometimes it is hard to find in the right size and condition.

These beautiful new knitted tops are as fabulous as vintage but with modern sizes! Perfect to pair with any pant, skirt or dress, shop our New Items section for these and more at www.pinupgirlclothing.com.  ♡ Micheline #pinupgirlclothing #pinupgirlstyle #pinupgirl #pinup #knitwear #vintageinspired

Model Sadie Mobley  Photographer: Jody Jarvis  Hair and make up by Jody Jarvis

Guiliano Bekor

Sophia Loren
My Yorkie Ted wasn’t in the mood for a selfie with Mom. 

I love my days off with my fur baby !!!

my beautiful muse giagenevieve
makeup and hair by jennifercoronamua
photo: shannonbrookeimagery



Unnatural hair colours did exist in the past!

Yes they did, Older women where often seen with a blue or lavender rinse on their white/gray hair.

My grandmother told me that when she was a young woman in the 30s and early 40s that it was quite popular for a time for 20s and 30s aged women to go with an extreme platinum look like Jean Harlow and wear a bright colored rinse over the top (just like the ones above) for a fashionable change. 

Marilyn Monroe by David Tarantola.

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